You have to think of a light/digitech as the swiss army knife to your production.

Someone dedicated to light and technical solutions on set.

Someone that thinks of possible problems before they could occur, so your production can run smooth. 

When i am not obsessing over light, I assume my role as a digitech, assuring files transfer and save correctly.

All while prioritizing potential images a client might point out and every now and then showing a layout of these selects.

On location as well as in studio, I always try to offer a plug and play experience for the photographers i work for. 

My skills include:


Capture One
holding props when no hand-models are available
browsing the internet looking for extra kit to invest in
bringing music to the set
hauling to the rental to get adittional kit
being mighty serious about cable management
measuring lights for brightness and color
colorcorrecting lights
knowing the different stances of an apple box
looking at a clean cable with a look of satisfaction
organising the clutter of empty flightcases, unused stands and reflectors
charging batteries
convincing triggerhappy photographers to go for AC powered lights

Profoto Pro 7A Generator

The main AC-powered workhorse capable of providing up to 2400 W/s through three power outlets. (one available)

Profoto ProHead

Powerful flashheads that work seamlessly along with the generator. Providing reliable flashoutput and powerful modeling lights. (two available)

Profoto ProRing

Quirky ringlight that is able to process the full output of the 7A Generator. Particularly fun to fill in an entire scene with a hard fill. (one available)

Profoto D2 Monolight

Powerful 1000 W/s monolight that recycles in a breeze. I often boom this light overhead controlling the power using the built-in radio system. (one available)

Profoto B1 Monolight

Battery-powered 500 W/s monolights. Ideal when I need that extra pop of light and AC-power is not an option. Also has a built-in radio system. (seven available)

Profoto TTL-N/C Remote

Super reliable remote I use to control flash settings remotely. It can also trigger most of my flashes in HSS; nice for when you need to shoot wide open in direct sun. Batteries can run out on a long shoot, so I always carry spares. (TTL-Nikon & TTL-Canon available)

Profoto Air Sync Transciever

No-nonsense no misfires! Great little remotes that can be used both as a trigger and as a receiver. They work together perfectly with the TTL remote. I use them to trigger non-Profoto flashes as well, just plug and play. (two available)

Minolta Lightmeter

Like my mom would tell you, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Very intuitive lightmeter to measure flash settings. Allows for precision adjustments of flashpower by giving readings up to 1/10th of a stop. (one available)

Sekonic Color Meter

Ok so little confession, I am somewhat colorblind, so I used to be unsure about color.  This lovely device expresses color temperature in tangible digits. It allows me to precisely measure and match the colors that different lights put out. (one available)

Eizo CG 2730 Monitor

The clients best friend on shoot. It is plenty big, so everyone involved can get up and close into reviewing every pixel of the image. In terms of color accuracy this autocalibrating bad boy works wonders.  (one available)

Tethering Kit

It is flashy for the single reason that if everybody notices it, nobody trips over it. set of cables that firmly connects camera and pc. Images can be reviewed and edited in real time on a big screen.  (USB 2.0 to Mini-B 8-Pin, USB 3.0 to Micro-B & USB-C to USB-C available

Profoto Zoom Reflector

Standard light reflector, use them straight up if you are looking for a film-noir vibe. Equally handy to control the spill of light bouncing into an umbrella (four available)

Profoto Magnum Reflector

Hard light reflector that bundles the lightoutput and is able to project a beam of light over a distance. The internal finish of the reflector boosts the output of a flash by about one Fstop. I often use is to bounce a light into a wall to illuminate an entire scene. (one available with grid)

Profoto ProRing Softlight Reflector

Softlight reflector for use with ProRing, softens the feel of the ringflash towards a more evenly lit feeling. This results in flattering for shooting portraits/people. (one available)

Profoto Softlight Relfector

Probably my all-time favorite portrait light modifier, something in between hard- and soft light. I often use it with the accessory grid to create a beautiful portraitlight. (one kit available)

Ambitful Optical Snoot

An intriguing modifier, this focusable gobo projector allows you to project different creative light patterns. It is also useful as a means to accentuate very small surfaces. Fitted with a Profoto speedring (one available)


Lets you control the light throw by adjusting the doors, I might not be using this one enough. (one available)


Nothing too exciting just bundles the light output.  (five available in a two different sizes)

Color Gels

Both subtle gels for correcting the color temperature of the flash, as well as funkier, more saturated ones for creative projects. Besides tiny circular ones I usually carry a few big sheets as well. (enough available)

V Flats

And the price for the most clumsy/ DIY modifier goes to, these foldable panels. Nonetheless a great tool to bounce a flash into a white seamless, while avoiding spill. Or to use as a negative fill. (two kits available)

Elinchrom Rotalux Octa

A 135cm Octabox for when you need an overall soft light. Fitted with a Profoto speedring. (one available)

Bowens Softbox Square

A  large (100 cm x 100 cm) Softbox. I hacked it to fit a Profoto speedring, and even equipped it with flag cloths, which makes it great as a controllable toplight. (one available with sideflags

Profoto Stripboxes

Two (30cm x 90cm) strip-softboxes with great spill control over the light. I often use these as silhouette kickerlight, to build a Martin-Shoeller-flash setup, or simply to flash into a white seamless background. (two available with grids)

Profoto Octa

A small (60cm) and handy softbox with grid, nice for portraits on the go, as a rimlight or to accentuate a specific area of a broader scene. (one available with grid)

Calumet Flash Umbrella

Umbrellas (115cm) to bounce and soften light, or remove the outer baffle and shoot through them. They throw light everywhere but with a bit of lightcontrol, you would be surprised what can be achieved using these lightweight modifiers.  (two available)

Lastolite Umbrellabox

This umbrellabox is huge (2m)! when the Elinchrom Octa isn’t soft enough, this one should do the trick. Equally lovely to fill in an entire scene or even to use it as a white background. (one available

Flash/ C-Stands

 Flash Stands, different brands and sizes. Besides the standard-sized stands, I often use two smaller ones to mount lights or reflectors low enough to be able to shoot over them. (ten available)

Manfrotto Wind-Up Stands

Heavy is kind of an understatement here, but they are solid and since a light is only as safe as the stand it is on I use these heavy-duty wind-up stands for when I boom lights. (two available)

Manfrotto Lightboom 35

Straightforward boompoles for when you need to boom multiple lights, Also nice to connect both poles to one another and build a bridge or menace arm (5m) to boom lights overhead on location.  (two available

Manfrotto Mega Boom

I love this thing, weighs a lot, but it is relaible and most importantly it can pan/tilt/swivel the boomhead. Great for when you want to adjust a light with precision when your boompole is already up.  (one available)

Manfrotto Superclamp

Useful little fellow to grip lights / cupholders/ J-hooks to stands/ booms / or whatever will support them. (four available)

Avenger Grip Head

Tried-and-true to grip lights / V-flats / flags / backgrounds. I use them a lot to connect extension arms to stands, that way I am able to tilt and turn lights more easily from the ground up. (six available)

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