I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly like weddings, but no different to other events they allow me to get a real insight into people’s lives, ideas, and relationships. As a documentary photographer, I love photographing our reality in all of its occasions, in order to understand it. I need you to understand this approach and the meaning of the words documentary wedding photojournalism.

A wedding is a story on its own, that doesn’t need a photographers intervention or judgment. So I don’t interfere with the way a wedding day evolves. I don’t pose or direct and I don’t have an opinion on what your wedding should look like. I just document it. All of it, regardless of the emotions people feel; the good, the bad, the boring, the crazy. Because these emotions are exactly what elevate a simple action into a moment, two arms into a hug, rolling eyes into annoyance. Photographing all of these moments and emotions allows me to capture the whole and real story of your day.

Layered images are nuanced, they dont glorify one subject by blurring the surroundings. Everything is in focus, so looking at the layers you will detect different substories to your wedding. Who was nervous? Who was happy? Who was hungry? Layered images show us our reality, our chaos, both the action and the reaction of those that matter to us. Layered images are not always perfect, but they are above all real.

Experimentation is what keeps creativity alive, so I experiment to stay creative. Creative trial and error help me in the search for continuous improvement and definition of what wedding photography really is. They can lead to capturing imperfections that sometimes don’t feel that imperfect at all. Fortunate little flaws might just be able to help you remember how you felt at your wedding. Because after discussing all the technicalities behind an image, what it all comes down to is a simple question. Does the photo grab your attention? Can it intrigue you? Is it able to make you relive a certain moment?

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